Now living in Auckland, New Zealand I'm a 3D/2D VR/VFX/Graphic Design all-rounder with a touch of coding know-how and a passion for using technology to create beautiful experiences. With 5 years of work experience under my belt I'm now working as a freelancer - looking for ever bigger challenges to focus my knowledge and grow my skills. Please feel free to watch my showreel below and explore the tabs or menu above for more specific examples of the work I've done to date!


 --- emmaplant1@gmail.com ---


My first ever promo film, shot, directed, and edited by myself is now launched and features on Help Nepal's homepage :) I've uploaded it to my vimeo page so you can watch it here:




In the first week it achieved 7,500 views which is amazing! Really excited to be starting my next project about British Junior Doctors in New Zealand soon!


Check out my new PHOTOGRAPHY page to see photos of my travels so far in 2017!